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The Most Over-rated Players in the NFL Today

Three of the Most Overrated Players in the NFL? 

It is really easy to tear down and complain about NFL players, especially the superstars of today’s NFL game due to the astronomical salaries that are given. Despite that, there are some players that have earned that speculation, or failed to earn that big payday if you prefer. The players on this list have proven that just short of being a “bust”, they have undoubtedly not met expectations. So here are the best of the worst of the overrated NFL stars.

Alshon Jeffery – An unquestionably amazing talent, but that can be said for virtually every player who is on an NFL roster. Jeffery, after logging four seasons has proven early that the consideration as one of the best receivers in the game is thus far unwarranted. The Chicago Bears are still holding out hope, which is evidenced by the franchise tag. The doubt his own team has is evidenced by their unwillingness to sign him to a long term contract. Just once in his four years in the league has he played all 16 games. No matter how good you are or could be, if you can’t stay on the field it doesn’t matter nor can any player at any position be considered one of the best.

Randall Cobb – Cobb joins this list more as a result of league perception than his own achievement, or lack thereof. Considered by many to be the best number 2 receiver in the league and the rumors for the past couple of years is that he could be a number 1 on many teams was put to the test. When the Green Bay Packers true number 1 wide-out Jordy Nelson went down the opportunity to prove that theory presented itself. The result was a resounding thud, even with a guy named Rogers throwing at him Cobb’s lack of production proved he is where he should be, a number 2. Unfortunately, as good as he is, the opportunity may have proved that he may not even be quite as good a number 2 guy as most believed too.

DeMarco Murray – Headlining this list is the highly touted much praised Murray who was the NFL rushing leader and record setter while playing for the Dallas Cowboys. What many second guessers and insiders pondered though, was if his impressive statistics were more a result of his skills or the benefit of running behind the best O-Line in the NFL. See the numbers on the current rookie running back for the Cowboys this year Ezekiel Elliot; meanwhile the Tennessee Titans are still awaiting Murray to be that featured back he was back in Dallas. Murray’s 3.6 yard per carry average last year isn’t going to win any league rushing titles in any league. Let’s just say that the offensive line in Dallas is a pretty solid group, just ask Murray.

There are always going to be guys who will be considered to have failed to live up to their contracts, but it can’t be easy saying anyone has earned tens of millions of dollars playing football. Guys with names like Flacco or Dalton could easily find themselves on a list like this on, along with nearly every other NFL player. The business of the NFL is a hard one, public perception is often even harder.

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The Biggest Names Bill Belichick Has Let Leave the Patriots

To Keep or Not to Keep Great Players: Bill Belichick’s Decisions 

Taking the top spot on a professional football team and one of the best ever, is being held to account for who to keep on the roster and who to trade away. To be honest, the players are all very accomplished by the time they reach the NFL. However, there are those who buckle under the immense pressure they are put under each week to perform and give up the body for the team, for the numbers, for the winning, for better pay and maybe for a softer landing at the end of the line. The top decision maker also must find a way to land softly after making decisions on who stays, plays and who sits on the bench or is traded away. Bill Belichick has done so in a rather flawless manner, with the results that bear this out, week after week.

Agree or disagree, he gets the best results in many areas for his decisions to trade various players away that have done a fantastic job while they were on the team. To mention some of these players, there is “The Law Firm,” who comes to mind. He was groomed and polished from his obscure days to become Bill’s reliable source for running back duty for a number of important seasons. Everything changed once the Green-Ellis free agency began, however. Moving on to the Cincinnati Bengals, his flawlessness with zero fumbles, 1,008 yards rushing and 4.0 yards per carry record was taken up by new blood that could develop in a similar fashion.

A very dependable Willie McGinest began his time with the Patriots during the Parcells and Carroll terms, starting every game for 16 games in a row. Belichick used him well during his first brilliant season that fructified into Super Bowl “Titledom.” All seemed to fit together well, until he finally traded him away in 2006 to the Browns to allot the team the salary cap necessary to keep the Patriot budget intact. Once McGinest hit the Browns roster, he never could reach the level he once did as a Patriot.

Being an asset on the Patriots defense as a top sacking and intercepting linebacker who delivered on key moments such as Mike Vrabel did consistently, it would seem that the future would always be in the Patriot way. Being a cross over tight end was even a pleasant ‘icing on the cake.’ Yet, this still resulted in one day being given a ticket to Kansas City having been traded to the Chiefs. The fans were baffled and destroyed by this decision that only Bill Belichick could make with the pressures he is under from the ownership who write the checks. What ‘took the cake’ was the piggy back trade of Matt Cassel, the back up quarterback to the Chiefs along with Vrabel. “What was he thinking?” The fans were mystified as the Patriots were completely dependent on Vrabel’s work to win Super Bowls.

What most fans do not understand is that there is always new blood and thirst, hunger and desire in young undeveloped players. The NFL is brutal, and all of those great players have a shelf life. No matter how great they may be, it can be said with consistency that Bill Belichick is a great store keeper that knows when to rotate the products in and out. He is an expert at recognizing expiration dates and has a great way of seizing opportunities as they sprout up from the colleges, universities and even high school levels. This has to one of the most valuable qualities of a head coach. The ability to recognize talent that will deliver upon development from the lower ranks and the ability to trade the most talented and nearly exhausted players before they are completely empty.

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Is Andrew Luck’s Talent Going to Waste on the Colts?

Yes. Andrew Luck has not been given anything he needs to succeed on the Colts, and he has been treated like a savior from the day he arrived in Indianapolis. The Colts got rid of Peyton Manning, fired everyone and brought in Ryan Grigson to pick their players. This article explains how Andrew Luck could see the best years of his career wasted the Colts are not drafting or signing properly.

#1: Ryan Grigson Is Not The Genius Here

Ryan Grigson made the easiest draft pick ever. He was hired to hand in a card with Andrew Luck’s name on it, but anyone could have done that. Everything he has done after a single draft pick has been terrible for the team. He has not put enough pieces around Luck, and he has not built up the defense. He is not a fan of the team’s past, and he does not realize how the old Colts were built under Bill Polian.

#2: Peyton Manning Used To Stink

Peyton Manning threw 29 interceptions his rookie season. His second season was not much better. Peyton Manning was not himself until his third season, and he was nearly 30 before he was the great player he became. The team had many great years under Manning, but he was not asked to save them. The team suffered through a few bad years while the rest of the team was built around Manning.

#3: No Receivers

Peyton Manning is capable of making the reader into a great receiver. He learned over the first few years of his career how to make receivers better, and he practiced with them to that end. He instituted a system that he ran by himself from the huddle. He is one of the best offensive coordinators in history because he called the right game most of the time. He showed late in his career he could go away from his ailing arm, and he won a Super Bowl in Denver doing so. Andrew Luck has no receivers, and he is not capable of developing them.

#4: Bob Sanders Is Not There

Bob Sanders may seem to be an odd name to bring up at a time like this, but Bob Sanders is the reason the Colts won their Super Bowl. He was the defensive glue that held the team together, but Ryan Grigson has chosen no one like Bob Sanders. The defense is a patchwork of players are not playing as a unit, and they do not have a stopper who can do anything. The Colts must find their new Bob Sanders if they wish to succeed.

#5: Their Division Rivals Improved

The AFC South is no longer a joke. The Colts ran all over the division for years, but the Texans have youth, the Titans have a young quarterback and the Jaguars have a strong offense. There is nowhere to hide in the division, and the Colts will lose games they once won because they are simply not prepared to compete. They did not assess the situation, and they are now behind the eight ball where talent is concerned.

The Colts are simply not a fan of their own work. They fired Bill Polian in favor of a man who is incapable of putting together a proper NFL team, and they are wasting Andrew Luck’s best years doing nothing. Bill Polian built the Bills of the 80s and 90s, but his system was thrown away so that Andrew Luck could be drafted. He has been done a disservice as every year the Colts get farther from the promised land.

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Greatest NFL Player of All-Time

Football is an American past time that is enjoyed by the millions every season. Everyone has a favorite team, or perhaps even a favorite player. Football players move from team to team, being passed around like the brown leathery prolate spheroid objects that we see them pass from teammate to teammate. Football players start up at a young age, joining school football teams as soon as they can and going on into college. If they are lucky, and good enough, they eventually have the opportunity to join the NFL, competing against other teams all over the United States for the spot as the Number One team for that year. Football wasn’t always played this way, however, and the history is quite fascinating.

A Brief History

The history of the version of American football that we enjoy today wasn’t always around. The American way of playing this past time can be tracked all the way back to the early to mid 19th century. They originated in the United Kingdom, or Britain as they were referred to back then. However, back then, football could be compared to the game of soccer that they named rugby football, with participants kicking a ball to a set up goal or sometimes even being shuffled over something that would pass as a line at that time in public schools all throughout the English country.

It wasn’t until the game hit the United States that it was changed to how it is today. Walter Camp, a scholar and graduate from both Hopkins School and even more well known Yale University, changed the rules, and has been dubbed as the, “Father of American Football.” The first prolate spheroid footballs were actually made from the inflated bladder of the pig. With such an interesting history, it is no wonder why so many people are interested in playing and watching the sport.

There have been many players that have passed through the NFL (National Football League.)There have been some, however, that will forever be remembered as the most important and successful players in the history of American football. Here is just a short list of the most influential football players of all time.

5.Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an amazing story of how someone who has achieved riches in the world of football. A native of the state of Michigan, Brady has known what it is like to start from nothing and finish with everything. At the age of 37, Brady has been able to win over four Lombardi trophies and 3 different awards from the Super Bowl. His stats are as impressive as any other quarterback that has been in the world of professional football. In the year of 2007, he had an unmatched 4,800 yards that he has thrown from. He even was able to achieve over 50 different touchdowns in that same seasons, earning his spot on this list.

4. Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus is an intense linebacker, earning his spot on this list. He stands at over 6 feet tall and weighs over an amazing 230 pounds. He has a tendency to show his intimating personality in the games by releasing blood-curdling shrieks. Anyone would be unsettled by this, or may think that Butkus isn’t taking his job in the NFL seriously, but his success would disprove this notion in an instant. He has become a legend for his team, the Chicago Bears, and acts as an enforcer of the football law on the field, putting any misbehaving players in their place. Someone like this earns a spot of their own on this list.

3. Walter Payton

Walter Payton really belongs on his own list as well as this one. He was quite the hard worker, perhaps one of the most on this list. At the shorter height in the NFL at 5 foot 10 inches and only around 200 pounds, he had’t been known to be the toughest looking of player. However, the results speak for themselves, and boy he brought some interestingly amazing results. Nicknamed Sweetness by the Chicago Bears, his team for over 12 years, he actually led the number of carries in the ENTIRE NFL for FOUR consecutive years! By the end of his career, he racked up the number of yards that he had rushed to over 16,000 and had achieved well over 145 touchdowns.

2. Joe Montana

Joe “Cool” Montana was known for his cool attitude to the world of football. His silent confidence shown through based on his performance, as he has won over four different Lombardi awards and three Super Bowl awards. He has been iconic in the twenty third annual Super Bowl, in which he made a famous play that allowed them to win the game, leading his team and passing the game-winning shot to his teammate, John Taylor. He was doubted at one point, as many teams debated whether he was strong enough or tall enough to be a professional football player, but he proved based on his success that he didn’t need to be extremely strong or taller than most to become a legend.

1. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is what can be considered the greatest wide receiver of all time, unarguably. He has been known to have the best and quickest hands in all of the NFL. He had the most accurate routes that he’d select to make a run across the field. He had it all that made him such an iconic player. He was nicknamed the San Francisco Treat, and had proven why he belonged on the NFL, and this list. He had racked up an astonishing 22,800 yards of running over the span of his career. He had the opportunity to score at every throw that he made, which he almost always did. He is the perfect NFL player, and will be a prime example for many to strive for for many years to come.

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