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Month: December 2016

Is Andrew Luck’s Talent Going to Waste on the Colts?

Yes. Andrew Luck has not been given everything he needs to succeed on the Colts, and he has been treated like a savior from the day he arrived in Indianapolis. The Colts got rid of Peyton Manning, fired everyone and brought in Ryan Grigson as general manager. This article explains how Andrew Luck could see the best years of his career wasted as the Colts are not drafting or signing properly.

#1: Ryan Grigson Is Not The Genius Here

Ryan Grigson made the easiest draft pick ever. He was hired to hand in a card with Andrew Luck’s name on it, but anyone could have done that. Everything he has done after a single draft pick has been terrible for the team. He has not put enough pieces around Luck, and he has not built up the defense. He is not a fan of the team’s past, and he does not realize how the old Colts were built under Bill Polian.

#2: Peyton Manning Used To Stink

Peyton Manning threw 29 interceptions his rookie season. His second season was not much better. Peyton Manning was not himself until his third season, and he was nearly 30 before he was the great player he became. The team had many great years under Manning, but he was not asked to save them. The team suffered through a few bad years while the rest of the team was built around Manning.

#3: No Receivers

Peyton Manning is capable of making the reader into a great receiver. He learned over the first few years of his career how to make receivers better, and he practiced with them to that end. He instituted a system that he ran by himself from the huddle. He is one of the best offensive coordinators in history because he called the right game most of the time. He showed late in his career he could go away from his ailing arm, and he won a Super Bowl in Denver doing so. Andrew Luck has no receivers, and he is not capable of developing them.

#4: Bob Sanders Is Not There

Bob Sanders may seem to be an odd name to bring up at a time like this, but Bob Sanders is the reason the Colts won their Super Bowl. He was the defensive glue that held the team together, but Ryan Grigson has chosen no one like Bob Sanders. The defense is a patchwork of players are not playing as a unit, and they do not have a stopper who can do anything. The Colts must find their new Bob Sanders if they wish to succeed.

#5: Their Division Rivals Improved

The AFC South is no longer a joke. The Colts ran all over the division for years, but the Texans have youth, the Titans have a young quarterback and the Jaguars have a strong offense. There is nowhere to hide in the division, and the Colts will lose games they once won because they are simply not prepared to compete. They did not assess the situation, and they are now behind the eight ball where talent is concerned.

The Colts are simply not a fan of their own work. They fired Bill Polian in favor of a man who is incapable of putting together a proper NFL team, and they are wasting Andrew Luck’s best years doing nothing. Bill Polian built the Bills of the 80s and 90s, but his system was thrown away so that Andrew Luck could be drafted. He has been done a disservice as every year the Colts get farther from the promised land.

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