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The Most Over-rated Players in the NFL Today

It is really easy to tear down and complain about NFL players, especially the superstars of today’s NFL game due to the astronomical salaries that are given. Despite that, there are some players that have earned that speculation, or failed to earn that big payday if you prefer. The players on this list have proven that just short of being a “bust”, they have undoubtedly not met expectations. So here are the best of the worst of the overrated NFL stars.

Alshon Jeffery

An unquestionably amazing talent, but that can be said for virtually every player who is on an NFL roster. Jeffery, after logging four seasons has proven early that the consideration as one of the best receivers in the game is thus far unwarranted. The Chicago Bears are still holding out hope, which is evidenced by the franchise tag. The doubt his own team has is evidenced by their unwillingness to sign him to a long term contract. Just once in his four years in the league has he played all 16 games. No matter how good you are or could be, if you can’t stay on the field it doesn’t matter nor can any player at any position be considered one of the best.

Randall Cobb

Cobb joins this list more as a result of league perception than his own achievement, or lack thereof. Considered by many to be the best number 2 receiver in the league and the rumors for the past couple of years is that he could be a number 1 on many teams was put to the test. When the Green Bay Packers true number 1 wide-out Jordy Nelson went down the opportunity to prove that theory correct presented itself. The result was a resounding thud, even with a guy named Rodgers throwing at him Cobb’s lack of production proved he is where he should be, a number 2. Unfortunately, as good as he is, the opportunity may have proved that he may not even be quite as good a number 2 guy as most believed too.

DeMarco Murray

Headlining this list is the highly touted, much praised Murray who was the NFL rushing leader and record setter while playing for the Dallas Cowboys. What many second guessers and insiders pondered though, was if his impressive statistics were more a result of his skills or the benefit of running behind the best O-Line in the NFL. See the numbers on the current rookie running back for the Cowboys this year Ezekiel Elliot; meanwhile the Tennessee Titans are still awaiting Murray to be that featured back he was back in Dallas. Murray’s 3.6 yard per carry average last year isn’t going to win any league rushing titles in any league. Let’s just say that the offensive line in Dallas is a pretty solid group, just ask Murray.

There are always going to be guys who will be considered to have failed to live up to their contracts, but it can’t be easy saying anyone has earned tens of millions of dollars playing football. Guys with names like Flacco or Dalton could easily find themselves on a list like this on, along with nearly every other NFL player. The business of the NFL is a hard one, public perception is often even harder.