What Will Really Hapen If You Kill Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Picture this: you’re playing through Baldur’s Gate 3, immersed in the fantastical world and gripping story. Then you come across the fierce githyanki warrior Lae’zel. She’s a potential companion character with her own unique questline and interactions. But what if, in a moment of rashness or curiosity, you decide to kill Lae’zel? Will it drastically change the game? Let’s dive in and see what happens if you kill Lae’zel at different points in BG3.

Killing Lae’zel in the Early Game

Let’s say you encounter Lae’zel early on when she’s been captured by Tieflings. You could decide to kill her here, which would have some significant downsides. First and foremost, you’d completely miss out on recruiting Lae’zel as a companion. That means no access to her personal quests, which reveal intriguing details about her githyanki origins and mission. You’d also lose out on Lae’zel’s romance arc, if that’s something you were hoping to pursue.

Mechanically, you’d be down a potential party member. Lae’zel is a powerhouse warrior who can dish out serious damage and has solid survivability too. Without her, your party composition and tactics in combat would need some adjusting. So while killing Lae’zel at this point is certainly possible, it means sacrificing a good chunk of content and an asset to your adventuring group. Probably not the wisest move, but hey, it’s your (deadly) choice to make.

What Happens if You Kill Lae’zel Later On

Now, let’s fastwrd to killin Lae’zel at a later point in the game, after she’s joined your party. Once again, her death would mean you could no longer rely on her as a companion. However, the stakes are arguably higher here, as you’ll have likely already experienced some of Lae’zel’s story and character development by this point.

More significantly though, Lae’zel plays an important role in the kidnapping of a party member by the dastardly Orin during Act 3. If you’ve already killed the githyanki warrior, then Orin will just snatch someone else, either another companion or camp follower. So while Lae’zel’s death doesn’t massively alter the main story beats, it does mean the loss of her specific perspective and reactivity in that questline and others.

The Impact on Story and Relationships

Speaking of reactivity, it’s worth noting that companions will respond to major decisions like murdering one of their own. Kill Lae’zel, and you may take hits to your approval rating or lock yourself out of certain interactions with other characters. They may question your leadership or even leave the party entirely. After all, if you’re willing to off one companion, what’s stopping you from killing the rest of them?

There’s also Lae’zel’s personal growth to consider. Without getting into spoiler territory, let’s just say Lae’zel has the potential for some compelling development over the course of the game. She starts off single-minded and severe, but there are opportunities to influence her worldview and see different sides of her personality emerge. All of that is lost if you choose to kill her.

The Bottom Line on Killing Lae’zel

So, what happens if you kill Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3? The short answer is you lose out on a significant chunk of game content, both in terms of quests and character interactions. It won’t completely derail the main story, but it does mean missing Lae’zel’s cntributions to it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Maybe you really can’t stand Lae’zel and want to be rid of her. Or maybe curiosity just gets the better of you and you want to see how her death plays out. Just know that killing her isn’t without consequences, both in terms of the game experience and the narrative.

In a game all about choice and reactivity like Baldur’s Gate 3, even the seemingly minor decision of killing a companion can have ripple effects. It’s the butter fly effect in action. So the next time you’re considering murdering Lae’zel, ask yourself: is it worth it? Only you can decide.

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