The Big 12 Conference: A Powerhouse of College Sports

It’s the start of a new college sports season, and you’re catching up with your buddies about the latest action. “Hey, did you see that crazy comeback by the Big 12 team last night?” your friend asks. It hits you – with all the realignment in college sports lately, you’re not even sure anymore… what schools are in the Big 12 these days anyway?

The Big 12 Conference is one of the most prominent and competitive in college athletics. Boasting some of the nation’s top programs across multiple sports, keeping track of its members can feel like trying to memorize Pi – it keeps going and going!

Current Big 12 Schools

As of 2023, the Big 12 roster reads like a “Who’s Who” of college sports royalty:

  • Baylor University – The Bears have been making noise, with both their men’s and women’s basketball teams winning national titles in recent years.
  • Iowa State University – ISU’s loyal fanbase creates one of the best atmospheres in the country for college games.
  • University of Kansas – When you think college hoops, you think Kansas. With multiple national championships, the Jayhawks are always in the title mix.
  • Kansas State University – K-State has seen success across the board, from football to baseball.
  • Oklahoma State University – OSU’s wrestling team is an absolute juggernaut, racking up a staggering number of individual and team national titles.
  • University of Texas at Austin – Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Longhorns’ trophy case. They’re a force, especially in football and volleyball.
  • Texas Christian University – TCU has one of the most consistent football programs in the country under head coach Sonny Dykes.
  • Texas Tech University – The Red Raiders have passionate fans and the teams to match, regularly competing for Big 12 titles.
  • University of Oklahoma – OU football is synonymous with winning, claiming seven national championships.
  • West Virginia University – The Mountaineers have one of the top rifle programs in the nation – bet you didn’t see that one coming!

New Additions for 2023

The Big 12 isn’t content to stand pat, though. In 2023, the conference adds four new members, making this juggernaut even more imposing:

  • Brigham Young University – BYU has an outstanding legacy in multiple sports and a fanbase that travels as well as any.
  • University of Central Florida – UCF’s “ChargeOn” mantra has translated to on-field success, with the football team finishing in the AP Top 25 four times since 2013.
  • University of Cincinnati – Fresh off a historic College Football Playoff appearance in 2021, the Bearcats are ready to make some noise.
  • University of Houston – UH has seen national success in basketball and football recently, and now gets to test itself against the Big 12’s best.

A Conference Unlike Any Other

So there you have it – the schools in the Big 12 as of 2023. It’s a conference that embodies the term “Power Five” – an assemblage of athletic giants that have the on-field prowess and off-field passion to captivate fans across the country.

Whether it’s the raucous crowds at a Texas football game, the electricity of a Kansas vs Baylor basketball matchup, or the intensity of an Oklahoma State wrestling dual, the Big 12 delivers iconic sports moments year after year.

The next time you’re discussing college sports and the topic of what schools are in the Big 12 comes up, you’ll be ready. But more than just rattling off a list of names, you’ll be able to speak to the character of this one-of-a-kind conference. Because the Big 12 is more than just a collection of schools – it’s a showcase for everything that makes college athletics so compelling. And that’s a story worth telling.

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