Decoding Sizes: What a Youth 14-16 Means in Women’s Clothing

Have you ever found the perfect dress or top, only to discover it’s in a youth size like 14-16? If you’re an adult woman, you might wonder: what size is a 14-16 youth in women’s sizes? Finding the right fit can feel like solving a complex puzzle!

When it comes to translating youth sizes to women’s, a youth 14-16 typically equates to an adult extra-small (XS) or small (S). However, it’s not always an exact science. Sizing can vary quite a bit between brands and styles.

Youth vs Women’s Sizes: What’s the Difference?

So why is a size 14-16 youth not the same as a women’s 14-16? Youth sizes are designed for growing kids and adolescents, not adults with mature figures. “Youth clothing tends to be straighter and less curvy compared to women’s sizes,” explains fashion designer Emma Jones.

There are some key differences between youth and women’s garments:

  • Shorter lengths

Youth sizes are cut shorter in length for both tops and bottoms. So a youth XL shirt may fit more like a women’s cropped top!

  • Less shaping

Clothing made for children and teens usually has minimal curves or shaping at the bust and hips. In contrast, women’s sizes account for more hourglass proportions.

  • Narrower shoulders

Shoulder widths on youth garments are narrower to fit slimmer, less developed frames. A youth 14-16 jacket may feel tight across an adult woman’s shoulders.

How to Find Your Best Fit

The best way to find your ideal size when shopping youth? Grab a measuring tape! Getting your bust, waist and hip measurements lets you compare them to each brand’s specific size chart.

“I always advise my clients to measure, don’t guess,” says stylist Jenn Davis. “Sizes are just arbitrary numbers. The fit is what really matters.”

When in doubt, it’s better to size up in youth styles to get sufficient length and room in the shoulders and hips. You can always have a garment tailored if needed for a perfect fit.

The Bottom Line

Figuring out what size a 14-16 youth is in women’s clothing requires some trial and error. While youth 14-16 is similar to women’s XS-S, the cut and proportions differ.

Remember, size is just a number – how you feel in your clothes is what counts! Focus on styles that flatter your unique shape, regardless of the size on the tag. With some savvy shopping and maybe a few strategic alterations, you can rock a youth size 14-16 with adult confidence.

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