What Size is a Euro Pillow? The Essential Guide to This Plush Square Pillow


Have you ever been shopping for throw pillows and come across the term “Euro pillow“? You might wonder, what exactly is a Euro pillow and what size is a euro pillow compared to regular pillows? These large, luxurious square pillows can add a touch of elegance to any bed or sofa. But before you start decorating, let’s unravel the mystery of the Euro pillow dimensions.

Understanding Euro Pillow Dimensions

The Standard Euro Pillow Size

When it comes to Euro pillow size, there is a standard that most manufacturers follow. A typical Euro pillow measures 26 inches by 26 inches (or 65 cm x 65 cm). This generous square shape offers ample surface area to showcase beautiful fabrics or embellishments.

The uniform sizing also makes it easy to find pillowcases or shams that fit, since bedding brands usually offer coordinating Euro shams in this standard 26″ x 26″ size. So whether you’re purchasing a premade pillow or sewing your own, this is the size to aim for.

Slight Variations in Euro Pillow Size

While 26″ x 26″ is the most common size of a Euro pillow, you may occasionally encounter some slight variations. Some brands might sell Euro pillows that are 24″ x 24″ or 28″ x 28″. However, these aren’t as readily available and may require custom pillowcases.

If you do opt for a non-standard size Euro pillow, be sure to measure carefully and check that you can find appropriate shams or pillowcases. The beauty of the 26″ x 26″ euro pillow dimensions is that they are an industry standard, making them easy to shop for and style.

How to Style Euro Pillows

For a Polished Bed

Euro pillows shine as the finishing touches on a well-dressed bed. Prop a pair of Euro pillows upright against your headboard, layered in front of your sleeping pillows. This creates a polished, layered look that you might see in a hotel or catalog.

For a king size bed, you can comfortably fit three Euro size pillows across. On a queen or full size bed, two Euro pillows are an ideal fit. If you have a twin bed, one Euro pillow is plenty. Play around with mixing and matching Euro pillow covers to change up your bedding with the seasons.

As Couch Accents

Euro pillows aren’t just for beds – their generous proportions make them great accents for couches and chairs too. Place a 26 inch Euro pillow in each corner of your sofa to frame it and provide cozy support for lounging.

You can also place a singular Euro sized pillow in an armchair for a refined accent. The square silhouette pairs nicely with other shaped throw pillows if you want to create an eclectic arrangement. Mix fabrics and textures for even more visual interest.


Now that you know a Euro pillow is typically 26 inches square, you can shop for these plush accents with confidence. Their substantial size makes them versatile for styling beds, couches and chairs.

So go ahead and experiment with some Euro size pillows in your home – you might be surprised at how this simple addition can elevate your whole space. And if anyone ever asks you “What size is a Euro pillow?” you can share your expertise on this designer favorite.

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